Your Dream Job

Step 1: Release baggage from prior jobs. Don’t take that “muck” with you. In the energetic world sharing energy is known as cording. Cording is an exchange or connection between one or more individuals or places. Think of cords as lifelines.

Step 2: Believe that you are worthy of a new job. Remember your past successes and achievements. Transform any doubt that you may have from negative to positive. No matter your prior situation you must believe that what you have to offer makes you a valuable asset to an organization. Believe you will be in the right place at the right time.

Step 3: Mentally create your new job environment.

Step 4: Create your personal attraction symbol. This is a symbol that you energetically imprint on resumes, phone calls, paperwork and/or yourself that you send out into the world attracting to you the perfect situation that is in your highest interest.

Step 5: Manifest energetic interest. Magnetize your attraction symbol. Putting your soul’s energy into your personal attraction symbol authenticates it with your personal vibrations.

Step 6: Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. People seem to be able to express what they don’t want, much easier than what they do want.

Step 7: Offer gratitude. See yourself as having manifested your new job even before it happens. Be happy! … Be excited!

Energy follows thought and thought directs energy; so which direction is your energy going?

Heathers Family Written by: